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Learn Turkish Language together with its cultural spirit from Native Speaker Teachers. Today, the Turkish Language is spoken by almost 220 million people , forming the largest branch of the Altaic language family. Turkish Language is classified as a member of the South-West group, also known as the Oğuz-Türkmen language group of the Central Asian Turkic Languages. Today Turkish Language is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world especially in the Arab world because centuries old, deeply rooted cultural and traditional relations. In fact, if you start learning Turkish Language you will immediately notice that there are hundreds of common words with Arabic Language making it easier and fun to learn.Such as; harf (letter), kelime (word), cümle (sentence) kitap (book), kalem(pen/pencil) defter (notebook), cep (pocket), çorap (socks) misal (sample) and hundreds more. Learning Turkish is fun and a new excitement in your life.

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